What is an accredited online MBA program?

An accredited online MBA program is recognized by an institution that seeks to insure that schools who say they meet certain criteria do. Otherwise, anyone could hang a sign outside their door and claim to be an educational institution. Depending upon a students goals will determine the importance of an accredited institution. An accredited online MBA program is one that will be recognized by these watchdog organizations to make sure you have access to the schools in order to reach your academic goals. Also, employers will know where to look in order to find new employees.

Who accredits online MBA programs?

It will depend upon the field of study and academic goals. Ministry, medical, legal, finance, engineering, education, and other industries will have certain affiliate organizations who they look to be a watchdog. Find the career path you are wanting to obtain, and research for the schools who are recognized by qualified organizations.

Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs
This organization began in 1988 to rate business schools in order to make sure institutions prepared students for the workforce. Of 2400 schools, ten percent were accredited schools. In 1911, this organizations changed its name to Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs in order to better meet its own goals to help recognize schools that meet criteria industries need in a domestic and global marketplace. . It is a young organization promoting institutions who excel in business education and claims to promote schools with more than 700 qualified MBA programs.

Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business
This organization has its roots that dates back prior to WWI and still stands as an benchmark for prospective employers seeking qualified prospects. Although it began in 1916, it researched and began offering accreditation three years later. In 2009, Singapore became the first international headquarters offering regional accretion across Europe. There are more than six hundred business schools who have been accredited internationally in thirty-eight nations. The AACSB offers the largest online network community that makes it a great resource for its members. If a student wants to find an online MBA program offered by institutions abroad, they can find it through the members of the AACSB. This organization is the oldest of its kind in the world today. Students can rest assured to know that all schools who do not meet the qualifications for five consecutive years will not be eligible until they do meet the expected criteria. They are graded based on the industry demands, course improvements, market preparedness, and the cost of the MBA program.

International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education
This organization promotes MBA program domestic and abroad. Students who are just starting their career as undergrad can begin their search here. Also, schools who have graduate level MBA programs can be found that are known for their excellence in education. While they do not promote schools who have only a two level degree, one can find schools who offer the programs for an associate level if they have bachelor, master, or doctorate level programs. In a global marketplace, the IACBE promotes those institutions who best have their foot in the door of excellence for students across the world. These institutions offer productive solutions to employers seeking students around the globe to work in their organizations. Online MBA programs from these institutions can be found through this association that will help students reach their academic goals. Study abroad from your domestic desktop. If they do have on campus requirements, travel expense will offer an additional experience to students as they meet other students from around the globe.

Council for Higher Education Accreditation
This organization began in 1996, it was started from a variety of other nongovernmental organizations who had the idea to recognize schools that reached certain levels of excellence for a growing economy. This organization promotes advanced standards of academic quality and all their members who maintain accreditation must meet those standards. . Schools must show improvements and how they relate to the education of every student.

Why is it important that your online MBA program be accredited?

What would happen after graduation if there were no jobs because the student did not receive a degree from an institution a company required for hiring purposes. By this time, a student has spent a huge amount of investment with their time, study, and money. They may get the virus of “career shock” if they can not find a job in the workplace. They have to meet the demands of the employer. Well, a prospect employee should have a good idea before they enter an online MBA program. It should be known what companies recognizes a particular school. Some companies will only hire from certain institutions regardless how good they are. Schools who do not abide by guidelines as other institutions may cause the students themselves to return and take classes to enter their chosen career. Future employers depend upon organizations to be a watchdog by assuring schools maintain and improve curriculum to meet demands of a growing industry. If medical schools teach students on equipment that was used a decade ago, they will not be prepared to enter the present workforce. Engineering schools look for institutions who are keeping up with technology and design that is updated. The school preparing prospective MBA grads must hold to certain standards in order to prepare students for their future.

What is the best accredited online MBA?

Perhaps you are looking for the right career track for your future. If you have an idea before you enter into school, you can start your undergrad with the right focus. Why spend all that money without having an idea of where your education is going to lead you? Students can enter a school without ever knowing what they are going to do when they graduate. If you have already received your undergraduate degree, you can still focus on a certain path that will lead you into an exciting career with your name on it.

For those entering into the medical industry may find a rewarding online administration program by entering into the field of Health care Administration with a promising future. Graduates can earn a starting salary of $80,000 per year. Tourism and hospitality management offers a bright career for those who enjoy travel and working with people from all around the nation. Work internationally and get to know people from around the world. The University of Phoenix, Liberty University, and Capella offers MBA programs in these and other fields. Teachers who are seeking an advanced degree may find what they are looking for with these schools.

While salaries can be attractive to students who are seeking an MBA to advance their career. A person must try and ask themselves what they really want with an education. Why seek to advance your career in the legal field if your interest is to help people in health care? If you are love substitute teaching, why settle for retail? An online school can assist you to determine what career track is right for you. Even if you have received your bachelors, it is not too late to change careers mid-stream. In fact, it is exciting to have had a few different careers in a lifetime. Become a lifelong learner, it is worth its weight in gold!

Are accredited online MBA degree programs more expense?

There are some cost associated with online MBA programs when looking at different schools. Schools will not always discount the program because students continue their education from the comforts of their home. The type of program may require some on campus class work or lab intern work where the student lives. The length of the program that is compared to other school programs will be a factor in the cost. The school usually invests in the student such as tutoring, online library use, and other online services provided by the school.

The student may have to purchase required textbooks that may be in a variety of formats such as print or e-book. The cost will probably still be the same since it is the information that a student will be purchasing. Shools do try and save students money. However, the only savings a person may have will be the fact they are not living on campus. Students will have to purchase their own Internet service provider and computer. However, students usually have this equipment for their use at home. Classroom requirements may expect students to purchase a laptop for school use.

Some schools charge less if your attend their school online because they want to build their distance learning program. This can be an advantage for students. However, students need to know ahead of time what prospective employers want. It could be a mistake to trim the cost of education by attending a school that may cost less. If the reputation of the school matters in regard to salary, attending a less expensive school may prevent you from being hired. On the other hand, obtaining an online MBA from a smaller school does have its rewards with personal service and making more friends in a network that can be rewarding in the future.

Are the admissions requirements for a accredited online MBA programs different?

It will depend upon the school that one is trying to enroll for the course of study. The same requirements for on campus students will usually be the same regarding obtaining their bachelors degree. The degree will have to be earned from a recognized institution the school will accept. The school will have its own requirements regarding test scores to enter the program. It will have to meet the requirements of the accreditation organization. The program does not curve grades simply because it is off campus. If the school is known for a certain program, the level of the student enrolling may be more demanding. This is the reason a student should plan well in high school prior to attending college.

The work experience of a prospective student will be considered as with on campus students. Going to school online is convenient because it can be completed on the students schedule. However, a schedule webinar class set for a certain time throughout the week may be manditory. The completion time will usually be the same. Of course, it will depend upon the program. A nurse can enter a MBA program and complete the tract in three years while receiving a bachelors at the same time. Satellite requirements may have to be performed if student does not live near campus. Many times, the company where they are employed may meet the criteria. For example, a student teacher who works at a school can obtain credits in a classroom setting.

Letters of recommendation may be required to enter the program. Students may be required to receive an interview prior to enrolling. A resume of work history could be apart of the requirements. The application process can be as long as a traditional program. However, the ability of going to school on the students schedule can be rewarding while holding down a regular job.

Do accredited online MBA require the GMAT?

Yes, it will depend upon the school and the course of study requirements. Students need to research what areas they want to enter. Schools will have their minimum GMAT grade in order to enter the ONLINE MBA program.

It is best for the student to research the accredited institutions that have the course of study they wish to take. Checkout the requirements, but do not let it prevent you from enrolling if you do not meet them. Many students will find out what they need to do in order to meet the entrance requirements. For example, if you wish to get an online MBA from a certain school, work hard to meet those requirements. Go back to school, take remedial courses, and determine to be a winner. If you are beginning high school, ask yourself what you want to do when you get out of college and set your goals from the present. For students who already have a bachelors that do not meet the requirements, it is a good idea to speak to a career guidance counselor. On the other hand, those who can enroll can start immediately. Do not give up! Its your future, start it today!

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